Princess Gown Photo Collage

Celebrate the mightiest princess in your life with this special Princess Gown photo collage made with your favorite photos and memories. Your little girl will feel special seeing themselves in this masterpiece. This product is personalized with a 'Princess ball gown' shape collage and your choice of colors and wording. Everything about this design is custom.

Go down memory lane, gather your most treasured photos of your little girl, and now picture the fun you will have looking back on all your special memories.

  • 'Princess Gown' shape collage
  • "Kind heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit" or Custom Quote

You can use your birth photos, baby monthly photos, vacation photos, iPhone photos, instagram photos...possibilities are endless!❤ Choose: Classic Design or Favorites Design:

  • Classics Design = '3' Photo Collage + party theme graphics
  • Favorites Design = '3' Photo Collage + party theme graphics + favorites sections, height, weight
  • • Premium, Physical product

    • Print Options are: Photo Print, Standout Print, or Canvas

    • All photos are professionally edited: crop, correct underexposed pictures & perform minor color adjustments

    • No templates are used, each photo is placed individually

    • 45 background colors and 15 font options to choose from


• Digital File option is perfect for someone who is in a rush and can't wait for the physical product to arrive.

• Digital file is perfect for international customers- who live in a country I am not able to ship to. I will create the collage and will EMAIL you a high resolution "PRINT FILE", sized to any size you want. You can print this with a local printer in your area.

Customization Options

Personalized Photo collage sizes

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