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• A print is a photographic print, it needs a frame.

• The standout print is the same print as above, but mounted onto a lightweight standout with a nice finished border that comes in black or white. Also known as a mounted print (.75 inch or 1.5 inch - edge thickness)

• Canvas is a canvas gallery wrap. (image wraps around edges) (.75 inch or 1.5 inch - edge thickness)


• My most beautiful HEART designs are made from no fewer than 30 images. 50 is a good starting point. For the larger canvas sizes, you can even do more.  Often times I find the most pressing problem my clients have is editing down the number of images they send me!  I use each and every image I’m sent once, and ensure there are no repeats.


8X10 Size: 40-45 Pictures

11X14 Size: 45–65 Pictures

16X20 & 20x24 Sizes: 65-85 Pictures

24x30 Size: 85-105 Pictures

30x40 Size: 105-125 Pictures

30x40 Size & Larger: 105-150

• more or less is okay too, but these are good estimates

• 150 is the MAXIMUM amount of photos. Please note that the more photos you have, the smaller they will become.

• Single Number collages (1,2,3 etc) look best with 50-100 photos.

• Milestone Number collages (10,20,30 etc) look best with 100-125 photos.

• more or less is okay too, but these are good estimates

• 150 is the MAXIMUM amount of photos. Please note that the more photos you have, the smaller they will become.

No.  They just need to be photos!  I’ve created pieces of art using images from Facebook and Instagram, as well as regular photos, and scans of very old photos indeed.  I digitally correct and enhance each image so it looks its very best; though if they weren’t of a reasonable starting quality to begin with (think blurry, thumbs over the lens, overexposed/underexposed) I’m very limited as to how much improvement I can make.

Proof + Production Time

Just as it takes a lot of time to search for the perfect gift, and it takes time to review each image you provide, arrange them in the perfect way, and have your final canvas or print produced to your specification.  I pride myself on creating designs to be treasured, and I care about producing work that is superb, not just so, so.   

• Once I receive your images, I will provide you with an image proof within 7 days. 

All in all, I recommend you allow 10-14 days, at the very most, for your canvas/print to arrive, though rush proofs and priority shipping are available at additional cost. 

After proof approval, now your order will go to print. Production time is the amount of time it takes to print before shipping out.

• USA- Once you approve the proof image, canvases and prints will ship within 4 business days.

• International- Once you approve the proof image, canvases and prints will ship approximately 10 business days.

All pieces must be paid for in full at the point that orders are placed.  If you’ve reviewed my portfolio and like my style of work, you can be assured you’ll be pleased with your final image.  

From time to time customers have requested to have each and every one of their photos positioned according to their exact specification; from experience I have found that the best designs are produced when I customize the design, taking into account the overall aesthetic, to ensure the final work is pleasing to the eye.

I am committed to working with you to address any elements of the proof design that you’re not happy with during the design process to ensure your final piece meets your expectations. 


• All canvases and prints are delivered wrapped in plastic, and packaged in strengthened cardboard casings.  No invoices or payment information are enclosed inside the packaging.  

• FedEx & UPS is used for most USA orders.

• FedEx & TNT is used for most International orders.

You will be sent to an upload photos page after checkout and it will also be emailed to you.