Carnival & Pinwheels, Pink & Green - 1st Birthday Photo Collage

Carnival & Pinwheels, Pink & Green - 1st Birthday Keepsake

Remember your baby's first year of fun milestones by displaying all of your child's "Favorites" combined with all your favorite pictures! Use this as a photo prop for their One-Year photo shoot, hang it for their party and then display it in your home as a special keepsake.

You can use your birth photos, baby monthly photos, vacation photos, iPhone photos, instagram photos... possibilities are endless!

  • '1' shape collage by itself or with child's favorites listed to the left side

Info Needed:

  1. Baby's Name
  2. Birthdate (date you want shown)
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. # of teeth
  • Favorites:
  1. Favorite Books OR Favorite Songs
  2. Favorite Foods
  3. I Say:
  4. I Can:
  5. I Love: 

    You can change any of the categories above. I don't recommend more than 4-5 in "Favorites" section. Design changes are also available upon request.

    • • Premium, Physical product

      • Print Options are: Photo Print, Standout Print, or Canvas

      • All photos are professionally edited: crop, correct underexposed pictures & perform minor color adjustments

      • No templates are used, each photo is placed individually

      • 45 background colors and 15 font options to choose from

    Customization Options

    Personalized Photo collage sizes

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