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January 26, 2021 2 min read

Hello friends! 

Today I wanted to answer a question that I get asked a lot..

Question: "Does the amount of photos I send in affect the overall look of my collage?" 

My Answer: Absolutely! The more photos you send in, the smaller each individual photo will become. So a 30x40 collage with 50 photos will have larger looking photos than a 30x40 collage with 150 photos. More photos will make each photo smaller. One way to avoid pictures that are tooooo small? .. go with a larger size OR reduce the amount of photos you have. 

Below are some 30x40 MILESTONE samples with pictures ranging from apprx 80 to 300 photos. (hover over each picture to see how many photos I used)  

less photos = larger looking photos

more photos = smaller looking photos 


My recommendation for how many photos to use is below:

• "1" collages- the number 1 collage looks best with 50-100 photos.

• "Milestone/Number" collages- (10,20,30,40,50 etc) look best with 80-100 photos for smaller collages and 100-125 photos for larger collages.

• "Hearts & Shapes" look best with the following amounts:
  8X10 - 40-45 photos
11X14 - 45-55 photos
16X20 - 55-75 photos
20X24 - 55-75 photos
24X30 - 75-85 photos
30X40 - 85-105 photos
Larger than 30x40- 105-150 photos

More or less photos is okay too! I will work with any amount you give me, but these are good estimates. Please note, that 150 is the maximum amount of photos you should use. If you want to use more than 150, please purchase the 'additional photos add-on' for $30.

Below are some 30x40 HEART samples ranging from apprx 80 to 200 photos. 

(hover over each picture to see how many photos I used) 

I hope this was helpful! I am always happy to answer any questions you have. :)