It all begins with your memories

Give a meaningful gift from the heart that celebrates your special moments together. Perfect for the times you want to give something truly personal, from happy weddings and romantic engagements to amazing anniversaries and special birthdays, these designs represent your good times together and will always make you smile!  

Your Life, My Design offers high quality custom photo collages and personalized art prints for customers around the world. Printed as canvas gallery wraps, photo prints, ready-to-hang photo prints, or eco-friendly wood. 

whose story do you want to tell?

Personalized Art

Personalized art by your life my design
  • A fun way to remember your grandkids birthdays 
  • A clever way to display your anniversary so it's not forgotten
  • A place for the poem your son wrote you in the first grade
  • Display your wedding vows to remember and cherish daily
  • The coordinates for the location of your first home together

Personalized Art takes the things most dear to your heart, and incorporates them into a modern design to display in your home.  

Photo Collages

  • You've been friends forever, remind her of all the good times you've had
  • First anniversaries are special, display your first year of love together 
  • Every bride wants to remember the love she felt on her wedding day 
  • Because babies grow so quickly and moments go so quickly
  • Because there is no heart bigger than a mother's love

Photo Collages are designed using your favorite moments!  You can use digital photos, scanned photos, iphone photos, Instagram photos - any type.

Each photo collage is one-of-a kind. There are no templates used. Once you e-mail your photos, I edit and enhance them to make sure they look its best. Your edited photos are then used to design your personalized photo collage. This is a true custom piece.. I love coming up with creative ideas for them and I'm open to yours as well!

  • Professionally printed. NO home printers used. 
  • Printed on Kodak Professional Endura Papers  
  • Lustre Finish- similar to Matte finish with a slight sheen 
  • Requires framing 
  • Standout Prints are ready-to hang prints
  • Have your lustre print mounted on a lightweight Standout  
  • Finished with a high-grade textured edge in black or white
  • Grooved holes in the back for easy hanging
  • 3/4” depth
  • Genuine artist canvas using premium quality materials  
  • Solid backing – keeps canvas from deforming and loosening
  • Finished back – no staples, black backer board, 
  • Hanging hardware is pre-installed
  • 1.25” depth
  • Printed on high-grade plywood - birch wood
  • Ink is infused into the wood, yet allows wood grain to show  
  • Sizes up to 12x12 will come with a stand and all sizes come with a slot on the back to slide on to a wall screw
  • Wall mounting screws are included
  • For every wood print sold, a tree is planted- “Roots for Trees”

Every Heart Is Recorded.

Watch Your Heart Come To Life. 

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