Start Your Legacy Republic Business!

You probably know by reading my bio that I love helping people save memories.  I have found a company that equally shares my passion and I am looking for others that would enjoy sharing this mission with me. This was a big decision to take on something additional, since I already have an existing and successful Etsy store business and trust me when I tell you that I thought about it long and hard before deciding to add something else to my plate. I immediately said yes because I knew I'd be helping people and I found a new way to make extra income~ who doesn't love that?

I think you should take a look at it, too. 

Who we are: Legacy Republic offers premium products and services for your most important family heirloom – your memories. Powered by YesVideo, Inc., the largest and most trusted home movie digitization company in the world, we put the same love and attention into our services as you put into your memories. We guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Here is an introduction to Legacy Republic (aka my new little biz):

It's not just a scanning service by the way.. The coolest part is what you can do with the videos and media after they are uploaded to the cloud. This is what separates us from any random scanned disk job. 

Free features in your private account:

What's it like being a Legacy Maker? Check it out here. 

To become a Legacy Maker, and receive everything you need to start your Legacy Republic business, it is $99 and you get $199 BACK in transfer credits for your own personal media transfers! So, all the things you've been wanting to get digitized, you now have the credits the moment you  join. That's a pretty cool deal.. 

* Normal sign up is $199 and $199 back in credits. This offer is $100 off through tonight. 

Sign up here. And write my name Lali Mayster as your sponsor. 

Reach out to me with ANY questions you might have! I am happy to answer them. Again, sorry for the short notice as I was pretty sick last week and wasn't able to get this out sooner.